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New Registration Process: Music Festival Suite

We've moved to a more user-friendly platform for 2024, but we're all still getting used to it. Here is some helpful information to navigate it the first time.

How to pay:


We're working on getting online payments setup with Stripe, but this won't be available in 2024.  Please ignore references to it on the registration site, and do not add any processing fees when making your offline payment.

You may complete your registration(s) and submit payment via etransfer to we ask that you please make a reference to the performer and the class so we can match payment.

You may also send payment via cheque with no extra charge, we also ask that you reference the performer and the class so we can match payment.

Please send cheques to:

Vermilion and District Rotary Music Festival

Box 188

Mannville, AB

T0B 2W0

How to register:


Click the link above to land on the Music Festival Suite page for the Vermilion Festival. Performers under 18 will need to have a parent register for them. The site should walk you through all steps necessary - you have to create a parent profile and then, create a linked profile for the performer. Teachers also create their own profile and share their ID in order to be linked to the performer when registering. Entrants who are 18 and older can choose to click on the self-taught option and not require a teacher to be linked to them. After the profile(s) have been created, a new registration can be completed.

Once you are finished with registrations, you can look at your account to see the total amount payable. If you have problems or questions, please email us at If zou


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