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Welcome to the 2024 Festival!

Last year’s reawakening of the Vermilion and District Rotary Music Festival was an effort of hope and commitment of the organizing committee.  Hope, because there was no indication that the festival would be successful at all, and commitment because the organizing committee felt that developing music in individuals is a fundamental value to those individuals and to the community as a whole.

We have come out of an era where it was expected that everyone would sing or play something, whether this was a voyageur who would sit around a campfire and play the spoons, or the family that would gather around the piano to sing.  Churches had choirs and communities sported bands and orchestras.  We have evolved into a society where music has become the property of specialists.  Somebody walking down the street whistling or humming is an object of scoffing or ridicule.

But we have lost the richness in our lives that music brought us. We have forgotten that music changes us and our thinking.  Music Festival attempts to restore this richness.  Our lives are richer because we sing or play and we need to continue to create music in our lives.

Bernie Huedepohl



Bernie's Kitchen Table

Vermilion, Alberta


780 464 2933



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